Who doesn't like a little dirty talk!

Let’s have an honest chat about that nasty, dirty plunger that’s sitting in your bathroom, on your basement steps or in a closet somewhere. It’s time to toss that relic in the toilet and say hello to the Wonder Plunger. Our Plunger is collapsible, and oh so stylish!


Livin' Clean and Lovin' it!

Right now there are millions of filthy plungers sitting in peoples bathrooms, basements and closets. It's time to toss those disgusting things out and replace them the Wonder Plunger ... the most stylish and functional plunger around.

Keep your home and bathroom clean with Wonder Plunger!

A wonder of color has arrived

Because of our patent pending design, you can easily store the Wonder Plunger Toilet Plunger in your bathroom, so we've designed it in 5 colors to fit your decor.

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Easy as 1, 2, 3

Pop it. Lock it. Plunge it. Put it away.

1. Simply step on the toilet plunger foot tab 2. Extend and lock the handle and get to work. 3. When you're done, put it back in the base and close it up.

Pretty in Pink

Princess Pink looks great in any bathroom


Singing the Blues

Then Bubbly Blue is perfect for you


You Feelin' Funky

They'll be green with envy


Fashionably Black

Goes with every decor


Gotta Have Gray

Keeping it neutral with Solid Gray


People Love their Wonder Plunger

Phil B.

You never know when you'll need a plunger, but if you do need one make sure it's a Wonder Plunger

Lindsay M.

Wonder Plunger is the perfect size for my tiny home!

Yayi C.

This thing is the real deal. Super sturdy and will handle even the tough clogs


Clean, Stylish & Ready For Action

This toilet plunger is perfect for your home, the office and dorm rooms

Ready in 2 seconds flat

Your Wonder Plunger conveniently collapses down to a mere 9.5 inches and can easily be stored anywhere in your bathroom!

When duty calls, your toilet plunger quickly expands to a full 16 inches and is durable enough for any clog!

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Never FEAR THE FLUSH again

Next time you order that Grande Nacho Platter, make sure to get yo' self some extra cheese. With this toilet plunger, you can rest assured everything will make its way down!

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It Doesn't Have to be a Dirty Job

Never again!

Stop going plunger hunting.

Finally time for the trash.