Wonder Products, LLC. has introduced a new toilet plunger that is set to revolutionize the look of your bathroom. It's clean, easy-to-store and colorful options make it a perfect fit in every bathroom.

Its Called the Wonder Plunger

The Wonder Plungers patent pending design includes a one-handed operation. With a single hand, you can easily extend the collapsible pole, making your plunger 16 inches. And when you're done, with a simple twist, the plunger collapses down to 9.5 inches, making it easy to store anywhere in your bathroom. 

We Put the "SMACK DOWN" on Germs

Use the Wonder Plunger to loosen that clog and when you're done, simply put it away with the confidence you're living a cleaner lifestyle. No other plunger is cleaner and also looks wonderful!

At Your Service

The Wonder Plunger is easy to use. You simply step on the base, twist the handle, extend the pole, and lock. When you’re done dislodging your clog you place the plunger back on its base, close the collapsing pole and twist, locking it in place with just one hand. The Wonder Plunger fits securely on the base for easy transportation to a closet or other place of storage.

The Wonder Plunger is great for a home, business and even college dorm rooms. Let's face it, plunging is no fun, and poop is pretty gross but the amazing Wonder Plunger is ready when duty calls!


We Need You!

Please share our story with friends and family and join the movement to get rid of old, gross plungers and start using the stylish and clean Wonder Plunger!

Thank You from all of us at Wonder Plunger!