First extending the telescoping handle and lock it in place.  
Place the rubber flange around the opening of the blocked toilet or sink drain creating a sealed suction. Using short up and down motions, lift the Wonder Plunger handle until unclogging has occurred.  After use, collapse the telescoping handle down, lock it store in a close or cabinet. Also keep out of reach of children



The Wonder Plunger can only be used for the intended uses for which it was designed.  Other uses or applications may be dangerous.  Keep out of reach of small children.  The Wonder Plunger is designed to be used in standard sized toilets and sinks with no more than eighteen inches of standing water in the basin.  Do not store or consume food products or beverages in the bowl of the Wonder Plunger.  Do not put the plunger over your head or face and always wash your hands after use.